FY2025 Course Schedule

#Dept / PartnerCourse No.Course TitleMode of DeliveryIDCourse DatesWeeksLang.Application Method Application Deadline
1WBCE 24.104Statistical Training on Poverty MeasurementIn-PersonSPMMay 5 - 9, 20241E/ATASDeadline Passed
2ICDCE24.12Financial Sector SurveillanceIn-PersonFSSMay 5 - 16, 20242ETASDeadline Passed
3MCMCE24.13Bank Restructuring and ResolutionIn-PersonBRMay 12 - 16, 20241E/ATASDeadline Passed
4WBCE24.105Public Expenditure Financial Accountability Framework In-PersonPEFAMay 19 - 23, 20241ATASDeadline Passed
5METACNI24.26Banks Corporate Governance and Board EffectivenessIn-PersonCGBEMay 27 - 30, 20240.8E/ATASDeadline Passed
6ICD-AMFCE24.14Macroeconomic Diagnostics In-PersonMDSMay 27 - June 7, 20242ETASDeadline Passed
7MCMCE24.15Risk-Based Banking SupervisionIn-PersonRBSJune 2 - 6, 20241E/ATASDeadline Passed
8METACNI24.27Macro-Fiscal Planning for Policymakers – A Strategic Debate on Coherent and Sustainable Public Financial Policies In-PersonMFPJune 9 - 13, 20241E/ATASDeadline Passed
9WTOCE24.106Trade and Environment for Arab and Middle East Countries In-PersonTEJune 25 - 27, 20240.6E/AInvitationDeadline Passed
10ICDCE24.16Gender Inequality and Macroeconomics In-PersonGMSept 8-12, 20241ETASOpen for Application
11ICDCE24.17Projecting Public Debt and Fiscal Adjustment Paths (DDT Tool) In-PersonPPDFAPSept 8-12, 20241E/ATASOpen for Application
12METACNI24.54Measurement of Non-Observed EconomyIn-PersonNOESept 16-19, 20240.8E/ATASOpen for Application
13LEGCE24.18Best Practices to Enhance Effectiveness of CFT Frameworks In-PersonCFTSept 22-26, 20241E/ATASOpen for Application
14OECDCE24.107Policies for the Transition to Job and Business Formalization in the MENA RegionIn-PersonPJBSept 23-26, 20240.8E/ATASOpen for Application
15ICD-BAMCE24.19Macroeconometric Forecasting and Analysis In-PersonMFASept 23-Oct 4, 20242ETASOpen for Application
16MCMCE24.20 Financial Market Infrastructures: Principles and Practices In-PersonFMI-PPSept 29-Oct 3, 20241E/ATASOpen for Application
17MCMCE24.21 Macro Stress TestingIn-PersonMSTOct 6-10, 20241ETASOpen for Application
18WBCE24.108Public Procurement to Achieve Horizontal Policy Objectives for Sustainable DevelopmentIn-PersonPPSDOct 7-9, 20240.6E/ATASOpen for Application
19WTOCE24.109Trade Policy In-PersonTPOct 13-17, 20241E/AInvitationOpen for Application
20MCM-METACCE24.22 Monetary Policy Implementation ToolsIn-PersonMPITOct 20-24, 20241E/ATASOpen for Application
21ICD-AMFCE24.23Financial Programming and Policies In-PersonFPPOct 21-Nov 1, 20242ATASOpen for Application
22MCMCE24.24Developing Domestic Debt Markets In-PersonDDMOct 27-31, 20241E/ATASOpen for Application
23ICDCE24.25Exchange Rate PolicyIn-PersonERPOct 27-Nov 7, 20242ETASOpen for Application
24ICDCE24.26Macroeconomics of Climate ChangeIn-PersonCCNov 3-14, 20242ETASOpen for Application
25STA-AMFCE24.27Consumer Price Index - AdvancedIn-PersonCPI-ANov 4-15, 20242E/ATASOpen for Application
26FINCE24.28Safeguards Assessments of Central BanksIn-PersonSACNov 10-14, 20241E/ATASOpen for Application
27STA-AMFCE24.29Compilation of Macro-Relevant Environment and Climate Change Statistics - Advanced In-PersonCMECC-ANov 11-22, 20242E/ATASOpen for Application
28WBCE24.110Regional Railway Corridor Planning and Operation HybridRRCNov 17-21, 20241E/ATASOpen for Application
29FADCE24.30Fiscal Frameworks and Medium-Term BudgetingIn-PersonFMTBNov 17-21, 20241E/ATASOpen for Application
30METACNI24.55Government Finance StatisticsTBCGFSDec 1-5, 20241E/ATASOpen for Application
31LEGCE24.31Confronting Macro-Critical CorruptionIn-PersonCMCCDec 1-5, 20241E/ATASOpen for Application
32ICDCE24.32Fintech Market Development and Policy ImplicationsIn-PersonFINTECHDec 8-12, 20241ETASOpen for Application
33METACNI24.56Cash ManagementIn-PersonCMDec 9-12, 20240.8E/ATASOpen for Application
34STA-AMFCE24.33External Debt Statistics - Intermediate Blended, In-PersonEDS-MDec 9-18, 20241.6E/ATASOpen for Application
35OECDCE24.111Public Procurement in MENA and GCC Countries In-PersonPPMDec 16-19, 20240.8E/ATASOpen for Application
36MCMCE25.01Central Bank Digital Currency: Initial Considerations In-PersonCBDCJan 5-9, 20251E/ATASOpen for Application
37STA-AMFCE25.02Balance Sheet Approach In-PersonBSAJan 6-10, 20251E/ATASOpen for Application
38MCMCE25.03Cyber Risk Regulation and Supervision – Path to Cyber ResilienceIn-PersonCRSJan 12-16, 20251E/ATASOpen for Application
39ICDCE25.04Monetary Policy In-PersonMPJan 12-23, 20252ETASOpen for Application
40FADCE25.05Tax Policy and Administration, Theory and Practice In-PersonTPATJan 19-23, 20251E/ATASOpen for Application
41FADCE25.06Reforming Fuel SubsidiesIn-PersonRFSFeb 2-6, 20251E/ATASOpen for Application
42ICD-AMFCE25.07Fiscal Policy Analysis In-PersonFPAFeb 3-14, 20252ATASOpen for Application
43WBCE25.100Boosting Women Economic Opportunities in MENAIn-PersonWEOFeb 9-13, 20251E/ATASOpen for Application
44ICDCE25.08Fiscal Sustainability In-PersonFSFeb 9-20, 20252E/ATASOpen for Application
45WBCE25.101Social Protection Design and Implementation Park HybridSP-DIPFeb 16-20, 20251E/ATASOpen for Application
46STA-AMFCE25.09National Accounts Statistics - AdvancedIn-PersonNAS-AFeb 17-28, 20252E/ATASOpen for Application
47OECDCE25.102Detection of Corruption: How to Overcome the Challenges? In-PersonCORPApr 7-10, 20250.8E/ATASOpen for Application
48WBCE25.103Best Practices in Developing Renewable Energy Projects with Private Sector and Managing Fiscal RisksIn-PersonMFRApr 14-15, 20250.4E/ATASOpen for Application
49ICD-BAMCE25.10Financial Markets and Instruments In-PersonFMIApr 14-25, 20252ETASOpen for Application
50ICD-AMFCE25.11Inclusive Growth In-PersonIGApr 14-25, 20252E/ATASOpen for Application
51METACNI25.01Compilation of GFS for State-Owned EnterprisesTBCSOEApr 20-24, 20251E/ATASOpen for Application
52ICD-AMFCE25.12Macroeconomic Management in Resource Rich Countries In-PersonMRCApr 21-May 2, 20252E/ATASOpen for Application