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Webinar on Gen-AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

May 7th, 2024


The International Monetary Fund-Middle East Center for Economics and Finance (IMF-CEF) held a webinar titled Gen-AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work on Tuesday the 7th of May 2024. Paulo Drummond, Director at the CEF, delivered opening remarks at the beginning of the event, which was moderated by Hanene Belhaj, Sr Economist.

The speakers, Marina Tavares and Augustus Panton, delved into how AI will reshape the global economy, with a particular emphasis on its impact on labor markets. They highlighted that advanced economies will likely experience the benefits and challenges of AI sooner than emerging markets, given the emphasis of their employment structures on cognitive-intensive roles. Additionally, they discussed the policy response needed to address the challenges posed by AI depending on countries’ stages of development. More specifically, they suggested that advanced economies and more developed emerging markets should focus on upgrading regulatory frameworks and supporting labor reallocation, while emerging markets should prioritize developing digital infrastructure and skills.

The floor then opened for a discussion during the Q&A session with a diverse audience from the Arab world, comprised of public sector officials, academics, and representatives of the business community, civil society, and other international organizations.


For more details about the webinar, please refer to the following links:

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