Course Schedule 2018

NoSponsoring OrganizationCourse No.Course / SeminarCourse IDDatesDuration (weeks)LanguageApplyCourse ProgramReading ListApplication Deadline
1OECDCE18.100Strengthening Integrity in Business INTGJan 8-110.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
2IMF (MCM)CE18.01Debt Management in GCC Countries DM-GCCJan 14-181E/AOASDeadline passed
3IMF (ICD)-AMFCE18.02Exchange Rate Policy*
ERPJan 14-252EInvitationBy Invitation
4WBGCE18.101Trade Policy AnalysisTPAJan 21-251E/AInvitationBy Invitation
5IMF (ICD)CE18.03Financial Programming and PoliciesFPPJan 21-Feb 12A OASDeadline passed
6IMF (LEG)CE18.04Legal Design of Taxation Frameworks Relevant to the Middle East TLWDJan 28-Feb 11E/AOASDeadline passed
7IMF (MCM)CE18.05Risk-Based Banking Supervision BSOFeb 4-81E/A OASDeadline passed
8IMF (ICD)CE18.06Financial Sector PoliciesFSPFeb 4-152EOASDeadline passed
9IMF (FAD)CE18.07Tax Policy and Administration: Theory and Practice TPATFeb 11-151EOASDeadline passed
10IMF (CEF)CE18.50Directors of Training SeminarDOTFeb 180.2E/AInvitationBy Invitation
11METACCE18.102Key Concepts of the Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool-Part III
TADATFeb 19-220.8E/A ONSDeadline passed
12IMF (ICD)-AMFCE18.08Fiscal Policy Analysis*FPAMar 4-152A InvitationBy Invitation
13IMF (ICD)CE18.09Monetary PolicyMPMar 4-152EOASDeadline passed
14METACCE18.103Quarterly National Accounts QNASMar 5-80.8E/AONSApply link to be provided by METAC
15IMF (LEG)CE18.10Legal Frameworks for Banking Supervision and Resolution LBSRMar 11-151E/AOASDeadline passed
16IMF (ICD)-BAMCE18.12Monetary and Fiscal Policy Analysis with DGSE Models**DGSEMar 19-302EOASDeadline passed
17IMF (ICD)-AMFCE18.11Financial Development and Financial Inclusion*FDFIMar 25-Apr 52EInvitationBy Invitation
18IMF (ICD)CE18.13Macroeconomic Management in Resource-Rich Countries MRCApr 1-122E/A OASDeadline passed
19IMF (STA)-AMFCE18.25Financial Soundness Indicators Hands-on Workshop*FSI-WApr 15-191E/AInvitationBy Invitation
20WTOCE18.104Follow-up Regional SPS Workshop for Arab Countries TP1Apr 16-190.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
21IMF (ICD)-AMFCE18.14Fiscal Frameworks*FFApr 22-May 32EInvitationBy Invitation
22WBGCE18.105The Role of Transport in a Diversified Economy: Good Practices in Governance, Policies, Regulations and Financing of the Transport Sector DIVApr 24-260.6E/A InvitationBy Invitation
23IMF (ICD)CE18.15Macroeconomic DiagnosticsMDSApr 29-May 102EOASDeadline passed
24OECDCE18.106Effective Competitiveness Policies in MENA Countries COMPApr 30-May 30.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
25IMF (FAD)CE18.16Reforming Fuel SubsidiesRFSMay 6-101E/AOASDeadline passed
26OECDCE18.107Improving Public Procurement Systems: Moving Towards more Strategic and Efficient UsePPMJune 25-280.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
27WBGCE18.108Data, Indicators, and Evidence Based Policy in the Education SectorEDUSept 2-40.6E/AInvitationBy Invitation
28IMF (ICD)CE18.17Financial Sector SurveillanceFSSSept 9-202EOASDeadline passed
29OECDCE18.109Risk Management and Audit in the Public SectorRM-AUDSept 10-130.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
30IMF (ICD)-BAMCE18.18Exchange Rate Policy**ERPSept 10-212EOASDeadline passed
31WBGCE18.110Governance and Health Financing for Universal Health Coverage in MENAUHCSept 16-180.6E/AInvitationBy Invitation
32IMF (STA)-AMFCE18.19Financial Soundness Indicators*FSISept 16-272E/AInvitationBy Invitation
33IMF (LEG)CE18.20Demonstrating and Assessing Effectiveness of AML/CFT RegimesAMLSSept 23-271E/AOASDeadline passed
34IMF (MCM)CE18.21Macro-Stress Testing MSTSept 23-271EOASDeadline passed
35WTOCE18.111Regional Workshop on the Agreement on Agriculture for AMEC CountriesTP 2Oct 2-40.6E/AInvitationBy Invitation
36IMF (ICD)CE18.22Fiscal Policy AnalysisFPAOct 7-182A OASDeadline passed
37IMF (ICD)CE18.23Macroeconometric Forecasting and AnalysisMFAOct 7-182EOASDeadline passed
38IMF (FAD)CE18.24Strengthening Budget InstitutionsSBIOct 21-251E/A OASDeadline passed
39METACCE18.112Understanding and Assessing Fiscal Risk from Public Private Partnerships FR-PPPsOct 29-Nov 10.8E/AONSApply link to be provided by METAC
40IMF (FIN)CE18.26Safeguards Assessments of Central Banks SACNov 4-81E/AOASDeadline passed
41IMF (ICD)CE18.27Financial Programming and PoliciesFPPNov 4-152A OASDeadline passed
42IMF (MCM)CE18.28Current Issues in Banking Supervision and Regulation BRSNov 11-151E/A OASDeadline passed
43WTOCE18.113WIPO-WHO-WTO Regional Seminar on Intellectual Property and Public Health for Arab Government officials IPNov 18-210.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
44IMF (STA)-AMFCE18.29Compilation of Balance of Payment Statistics*BPSCGNov 25-291E/AInvitationBy Invitation
45OECDCE18.114Good Practices for SMEs and Access to Finance Policies SMENov 26-290.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
46IMF (ICD)CE18.30Inclusive GrowthIGDec 2-132E/AOASDeadline passed
47IMF (ICD)CE18.31Fiscal SustainabilityFSDec 9-202E/AOASDeadline passed
48IMF (ICD)-AMFCE18.32Vulnerability Diagnostics*VDSDec 9-202EInvitationBy Invitation
49METACCE18.115Strengthening Regulation and Supervision of Islamic BanksISBDec 17-200.8E/AONSApply link to be provided by METAC