Course Schedule 2023

No. Sponsoring Agency Course No. Course Title Course ID Course Date Duration (Weeks) Language Method of Application Application Deadline
1 MCM CE22.18V Cross-Border Payments in the Digital Age

CBPv 16-May-22 0.6 E/A OAS
2 ICD-AMF CE22.17V Macroeconomic Diagnostics

MDSv 16-May-22 2 E OAS
3 METAC NI22.32V Customs Workshop on Valuation of Goods and Intangibles

Course Postponed Until Further notice

CVGIv 23-May-22 0.8 E/A ONS
4 METAC NI22.38V Fiscal Transparency

FTv 6-Jun-22 0.8 E/A ONS
5 ICD-AMF CE22.19V Fiscal Frameworks

FFv 6-Jun-22 2 E/A OAS
6 MCM CE22.22V Selected Central Banking Issues in Fixed Exchange Rate Arrangements Without Capital Controls

FERv 13-Jun-22 0.4 E/A OAS
7 WB CE22.102V Resilient Supply Chains and its Importance to Regional Economies in MENA

RSCREv 20-Jun-22 0.8 E/A Invitation
8 METAC NI22.41V Risk-Based Supervision for the New Normal

RBSv 27-Jun-22 0.8 E/A ONS
9 WB CE22.103V Value Chain and Industry Analysis for Policy Design -Bootcamp

VCv 27-Jun-22 0.8 E/A Invitation
10 ICD CE22.23 Fiscal Policy Analysis

FPA 4-Sep-22 2 A OAS
11 OECD CE22.104 Improving Productivity, Diversification, and Competitiveness in MENA

COMP 5-Sep-22 0.8 E/A Invitation
12 MCM CE22.24 The Management and Liberalization of Capital Flows

MLCF 11-Sep-22 1 E OAS
13 ICD CE22.25V Macroeconometric Forecasting and Analysis

MFAv 18-Sep-22 2 E OAS
14 WB CE22.105 Transport, Energy, and Sustainability - Protecting the Planet in MENA

TESPP 19-Sep-22 0.8 E/A Invitation
15 LEG CE22.26 AML/CFT Regulation and Supervision of Virtual Assets Service Providers

VASP 25-Sep-22 1 E/A OAS
16 MCM CE22.27 Macro-Stress Testing

MST 2-Oct-22 1 E OAS
17 WTO CE22.106 Trade Policy 1

TP1 2-Oct-22 1 E/A Invitation
18 STA-AMF CE22.28 Public Sector and Debt Statistics

PSDS 9-Oct-22 1 E/A Invitation
19 ICD CE22.29V Exchange Rate Policy

ERPv 16-Oct-22 2 E OAS
20 WB CE22.107 Accelerating Human Capital Formation in MENA

HC 24-Oct-22 0.8 E/A Invitation
21 FIN CE22.30 Safeguard Assessments of Central Banks

SAC 30-Oct-22 1 E/A OAS
22 ICD CE22.31V Macroeconomics of Gender Equality

MGEv 30-Oct-22 1 E OAS
23 MCM CE22.37 Selected Issues on Fintech and Digital Money

SIFDM 6-Nov-22 1 E/A OAS
24 ICD CE22.38V Macroeconomics of Climate Change

MCCv 6-Nov-22 2 E OAS
25 WB CE22.108 Boosting Women’s Access to More and Better Jobs in MENA

WEE 13-Nov-22 1 E/A Invitation
26 WTO CE22.109 Trade Policy 2

TP2 20-Nov-22 1 E/A Invitation
27 OECD CE22.110 Policies for SMEs and Access to Finance in the MENA Region

SME 21-Nov-22 0.8 E/A Invitation
28 METAC TBD Consumer Price Index

CPI 27-Nov-22 1 E/A ONS
29 ICD CE22.39 Monetary Policy

MP 27-Nov-22 2 E OAS
30 ICD-AMF CE22.40 Inclusive Growth

IG 4-Dec-22 2 E/A OAS
31 STA-AMF CE22.41 National Accounts Statistics-Advanced Level

NAS-A 4-Dec-22 2 E/A Invitation
32 MCM CE22.42 Cyber Risk Supervision–Path to Operational Resilience

CRS 11-Dec-22 1 E/A OAS
33 METAC TBD Cash Management

CM 12-Dec-22 0.8 E/A ONS
34 MCM CE22.43 Central Bank of Kuwait Workshop

TBD 18-Dec-22 1 E/A OAS
35 MCM CE23.01 Debt Management, Debt Reporting and Investor Relations

DMIR 8-Jan-23 1 E OAS
36 WB CE23.100 Social Protection Delivery Systems

SPDS 8-Jan-23 1 E/A Invitation
37 STA-AMF CE23.02 Monetary and Financial Statistics – Advanced Level

MFS-A 8-Jan-23 2 E/A Invitation
38 ICD CE23.03 Central Bank Digital Currencies

CBDC 15-Jan-23 1 E OAS
39 FAD CE23.04 Tax Policy and Administration: Theory and Practice

TPAT 22-Jan-23 1 E/A OAS
40 STA-AMF CE23.05 Residential Property Price Index

RPPI 22-Jan-23 1 E/A Invitation
41 ICD-AMF CE23.06 Financial Programming and Policies

FPP 22-Jan-23 2 A OAS
42 ICD CE23.07 Vulnerability Diagnostics

VDS 29-Jan-23 2 E OAS
43 OECD CE23.101 How to Improve Public Sector’s Role in Detecting and Reporting Corruption in MENA and GCC Countries?

CORP 30-Jan-23 0.8 E/A Invitation
44 ICD CE23.08V Financial Development and Financial Inclusion

FDFIv 5-Feb-23 2 E OAS
45 FAD CE23.09 Reforming Fuel Subsidies

RFS 6-Feb-23 0.8 E/A OAS
46 MCM CE23.10 Bank Restructuring and Resolution

BR 12-Feb-23 1 E/A OAS
47 STA-AMF CE23.11 External Debt Statistics

EDS 5-Mar-23 1 E/A Invitation
48 ICD-AMF CE23.12 Macroeconomic Management in Resource-Rich Countries

MRC 5-Mar-23 2 E/A OAS
49 FAD CE23.13 Understanding, Assessing, and Managing Fiscal Risks

UAMFR 6-Mar-23 0.8 E/A OAS
50 WB CE23.102 Applying Behavioral Science to Public Policy – A Guide for Practitioners

BSPP 12-Mar-23 1 E/A Invitation
51 MCM CE23.14 Financial Market Infrastructures: Principles and Practices

FMI-PP 12-Mar-23 1 E/A OAS