Course Schedule 2020 Virtual

No. Sponsoring Agency Course No. Course Title Course ID Course Date Duration (Weeks) Language Method of Application Application Deadline
1 IMF (CEF/ICD)-AMF CE 20.30V Fiscal Policy Analysis

FPAv Sep 21- Oct 1 2 A OAS Deadline Passed
2 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE 20.19V Monetary Policy

MPv Oct 12-22 2 E OAS Deadline Passed
3 OECD CE 20.112V Policies for SMEs and Access to Finance in the MENA Region

SME Nov 2-5 1 E/A Invitation Deadline Passed
4 WBG CE20.105V Digital Capabilities for a Digital Economy – A Guide for MENA Practitioners

DEv Nov 2-5 1 E Invitation By Invitation
5 IMF (CEF/ICD)-AMF CE 20.25V Fiscal Sustainability

FSv Nov 9-19 2 A OAS Deadline Passed
6 IMF(MCM) CE20.20V Macro-Stress Testing

MSTv Nov 9-12 1 E OAS Apply Online by Oct 15, 2020.
7 IMF (CEF-METAC) NI20.52V Ensuring the Continuity of External Sector Statistics During the Covid-19 Era

ESSv Nov 16-19 1 E/A ONS Apply Online
8 OECD CE20.106V Improving Productivity, Diversification and Competitiveness in MENA

COMPv Nov 23-26 1 E/A Invitation By Invitation
9 WTO CE20.110V E-Commerce for the Arab Region (course will be divided into two weeks, two sessions per week)

E-COMv Nov 23 and 25 ----- Nov 30 and Dec 2 2 E/A Invitation By Invitation
10 WBG CE20.114v Human Capital Formation and COVID-19

HCPv Nov 30-Dec 3 1 E/A Invitation By Invitation
11 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE 20.29V Macroeconomic Diagnostics

MDSv Nov 30-Dec 10 2 E OAS Apply Online by Oct 25, 2020
12 IMF (CEF/ICD)-AMF CE 20.26V Inclusive Growth

IGv Dec 7-17 2 A OAS Apply Online by Nov 5, 2020
13 WTO CE20.113V Webinar on Agriculture

AGRv Dec 14-16 0.6 E/A Invitation By Invitation


OAS: Online Application System

ONS: Online Nomination System

AMF: Arab Monetary Fund

BAM: Bank Al-Maghrib

CEF: Middle East Center for Economics and Finance 

IMF: International Monetary Fund

IMF Department Abbreviations: Finance (FIN); Fiscal Affairs (FAD); IMF Institute for Capacity Development (ICD); Legal (LEG); Monetary and Capital Markets (MCM); Statistics (STA);

METAC: Middle East Regional Technical Assistance Center

OECD: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

WBG: World Bank Group

WTO: World Bank Group

* The course will be conducted at the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) in Abu-Dhabi-United Arab Emirates (UAE).

** The course will be conducted at Bank Al Maghrib (BAM)-Rabat, Morocco.

E = English, A = Arabic, E/A = English with simultaneous interpretation into Arabic.

Fluency in the language of instruction or in the language of simultaneous interpretation is a prerequisite for all courses.

Note: Course Dates are subject to change. Please visit our website regularly: for latest updates.


      IMF, IMF-CEF
      IMF, CEF, AMF.
      World Bank Institute (WBI), and World Bank-MENA Region Department.
      ** MENA Education Team (MNSHE); and MENA Social Protection Team in Coordination with the WB Kuwait    Office.
      World Trade Organization (WTO).
      Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
      Middle East Regional Technical Assistance Center (METAC).
      Bank Al-Maghrib.