Virtual Courses Schedule January 2021 - April 2022

No. Sponsoring Agency Course No. Course Title Course ID Course Date Duration (Weeks) Language Method of Application Application Deadline
1 IMF (LEG) CE21.05V Undergoing an AML/CFT Mutual Evaluation

AMLSv Jan 10-14 1 E/A OAS Deadline Passed
2 IMF (STA)-AMF CE21.20V Monetary and Financial Statistics – Introductory

MFS-Iv Jan 11-14 1 E/A By Invitation
3 IMF (FAD) CE21.19V Strengthening Budget Institutions-Budget Execution and Cash Management

SBIv Jan 11-14 1 E/A OAS Deadline Passed
4 IMF (CEF-METAC) NI21.01V Risk Based Banking Supervision

RBSv Jan 18-21 1 E/A ONS Deadline Passed
5 IMF (CEF/ICD)-AMF CE21.01V Fiscal Policy Analysis in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

FPAv Jan 18-28 2 A OAS Deadline Passed
6 IMF (STA)-AMF CE21.23V Quarterly National Accounts

QNAv Feb 1-4 1 E/A By Invitation
7 IMF (MCM) CE21.17V Current Issues in Banking Regulation and Supervision

BRSv Feb 1-4 1 E/A OAS Deadline Passed
8 IMF (FAD) CE21.22V Tax Policy and Administration: Theory and Practice

TPATv Feb 1-4 1 E/A OAS Deadline Passed
9 WBG CE21.104V Value Chain and Industry Analysis for Policy Design – Bootcamp

VCv Feb 8-11 1 E/A Invitation
10 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE21.02V Financial Programming and Policies

FPPv Feb 8-18 2 A OAS Deadline Passed
11 OECD CE21.103V Advancing the Strategic Use of Public Procurement in MENA and GCC Countries

PPMv Feb 15-18 1 E/A Invitation
12 IMF (MCM) CE21.26V Bank Restructuring and Resolution

BRv March 1-4 1 E/A OAS Deadline Passed
13 IMF (CEF-METAC) NI21.02V Selected Analytical Tools for Better PFM Reforms and Systems

PFMv March 1-4 1 E/A ONS Deadline Passed
14 WBG CE21.102V Delivering Social Protection in an Age of Technological Disruption: Policy Framework, Design, and Implementation

SPv March 15-18 1 E/A Invitation
15 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE21.03V Financial Development and Financial Inclusion

FDFIv March 15-25 2 E OAS Deadline Passed
16 IMF (STA)-AMF CE21.28V Financial Soundness Indicators

FSIv March 22-25 1 E/A By Invitation
17 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE21.04V Macroeconomic Management in Resource Rich Countries

MRCv March 22-April 1 2 E/A OAS Deadline Passed
18 IMF (STA)-AMF CE21.16V Cross-Border Position Statistics

CBPSv March 29 - April 1 1 E/A By Invitation
19 IMF (FAD) CE21.32V Reforming Fuel Subsidies

RFSv April 5-8 1 E/A OAS Deadline Passed
20 IMF (MCM) CE21.31V Risk-Based Banking Supervision

BSOv April 5-8 1 E/A OAS Deadline Passed
21 WBG CE21.101V Gov Tech: Driving Innovation, from Potential to Reality

GTv May 24-27 1 E/A Invitation
22 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE21.06V Macroeconomic Diagnostics

MDSv May 24-June 3 2 E OAS Deadline Passed
23 IMF (CEF/ICD)-AMF CE21.07V Fiscal Frameworks

FFv June 7-17 2 E/A OAS Apply online by May 5th, 2021
24 IMF (METAC) NI21.13V Regulation and Supervision of Institutions offering Islamic Financial Services

[It takes place over 3 consecutive weeks, with 2 sessions (Monday and Wednesday) each week]

IFSv June 7-24 3 E/A ONS
25 IMF (LEG) CE21.35V Use of Financial Intelligence for Money Laundering Investigations and Prosecutions


AMLv June 8-10 0.8 E/A OAS (TBC)
26 IMF (METAC) NI21.14V Post Crisis Revenue Generation for Tax Administration

TAv June 28-July 1 1 E/A ONS
27 IMF (METAC) NI21.15V National Accounts Statistics: The Sequence of Accounts and the Recording of COVID-19 Related Initiatives

NASv July 5-8 1 E/A ONS
28 IMF (MCM) CE21.36V Selected Central Banking Issues in Fixed Exchange Rate Arrangements Without Capital Controls

FERv July 7-8 0.6 E/A OAS
29 IMF (MCM) CE21.37V Monetary and Fiscal Interactions in DSGE Models

MFIMv July 12-15 1 E OAS
30 IMF (FAD) CE21.38V Regional Workshop on International Corporate Tax Issues

ICTv July 12-15 1 A/E OAS
31 IMF (CEF/ICD)-AMF CE21.08V Financial Sector Surveillance

FSSv July 5-15 2 E OAS
32 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE21.09V Fiscal Policy Analysis

FPAv Aug 30-Sept 9 2 A OAS
33 IMF (METAC) NI21.16V Methods and Tools for Medium-Term Budget Planning

PFMv Sept 6-9 1 E/A ONS
34 IMF (STA)-AMF CE21.39V Statistics on International Trade in Goods and Services

ITGSv Sept 6-9 1 E/A Invitation
35 OECD CE21.109V Improving Productivity, Diversification and Competitiveness

COMPv Sept 13-16 1 E/A Invitation
36 IMF (MCM) CE21.40V Macro Stress Testing

(Course will be delivered in five days)

MSTv Sept 13-20 1.3 E OAS
37 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE21.10V Macroeconometric Forecasting and Analysis

MFAv Sept 20-30 2 E OAS
38 WBG CE21.110V Applying Behavioral Science to Public Policy – A Guide for Practitioners

BSv Sept 27-30 1 E/A Invitation
39 IMF (MCM) CE21.41V Local Currency Bond Market Development

LCBMDv Oct 4-7 1 E/A OAS
40 WTO CE21.111V Trade Policy

TP1v Oct 11-14 1 E/A Invitation
41 IMF (STA)-AMF CE21.42V Government Finance Statistics – Fundamental

GFSv Oct 11-21 1 E/A Invitation
42 IMF (CEF/ICD)-AMF CE21.11V Exchange Rate Policy

ERPv Oct 18-28 2 E OAS
43 WBG CE21.112V Regional Course on Boosting Women’s Access to More and Better Jobs in MENA

GEv Oct 25-28 1 E/A Invitation
44 IMF (MCM) CE21.43V Cyber Risk Supervision – Path to Operational Resilience

CRSv Nov 1-4 1 E/A OAS
45 IMF (STA)-AMF CE21.44V High-Frequency Indicators of Economic Activity

IEAv Nov 1-4 1 E/A Invitation
46 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE21.12V Fiscal Sustainability

FSv Nov 1-11 2 E/A OAS
47 OECD CE21.108V Improving the Understanding of Corruption Risks to Boost Prevention and Detection

CORPV Nov 8-11 1 E/A Invitation
48 IMF (METAC) NI21.17V Price Statistics

PRSv Nov 15-18 1 E/A ONS
49 IMF (FIN) CE21.45V Safeguards Assessments of Central Banks

SACv Nov 15-18 1 E/A OAS
50 OECD CE21.113V Policies for SMEs and Access to Finance in the MENA Region

SMEs Nov 22-25 1 E/A Invitation
51 WTO CE21.114V Trade Policy

TP2v Nov 22-25 1 E/A Invitation
52 WBG CE21.115V Course on Climate Change

(Exact title to be determined later)

CCv Nov 29-Dec 2 (TBC) 1 E/A Invitation
53 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE21.14V Monetary Policy

MPv Nov 29-Dec 9 2 E OAS
54 IMF (CEF/ICD)-AMF CE21.13V Inclusive Growth

IGv Dec 6-16 2 E/A OAS
55 IMF (MCM) CE22.05V Formulating and Implementing a Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy

MTDSv Jan 10-13 1 E/A OAS
56 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE22.15V Vulnerability Diagnostics

VDsv Jan 10-20 2 E OAS
57 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE22.01V Financial Programming and Policies

FPPv Jan 10-20 2 A OAS
58 IMF (MCM) CE22.06V EMoney and Mobile Payments

EMMv Jan 24-27 1 E/A OAS
59 IMF (STA)-AMF CE22.07V Price Statistics

PRSv Jan 24-27 1 E/A Invitation
60 IMF (MCM) CE22.08V Thinking through Central Bank Digital Currency

CBDCv Feb 1-3 0.8 E/A OAS
61 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE22.02V Fiscal Policy Analysis

FPAv Feb 7-17 2 A OAS
62 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE22.03V Financial Development and Financial Inclusion

FDFIv Feb 7-17 2 E OAS
63 IMF (MCM) CE22.09V Financial Market Infrastructures: Principles and Practices

PFMIv Mar 7-10 1 E/A OAS
64 IMF (STA)-AMF CE22.10V External Debt Statistics

EDSv Mar 7-10 1 E/A Invitation
65 IMF (CEF/ICD) CE22.04V Macroeconomic Management in Resource Rich Countries

MRCv Mar 21-31 2 E/A OAS
66 IMF (MCM) CE22.11V Cross-Border Payments in the Digital Age

CBPv Mar 28-30 0.8 E/A OAS