Courses 2020 Virtual

Course Date Course Number Sponsor
Sep 21- October 1, 2020 CE 20.30V IMF (ICD)-AMF


Course Description: The COVID-19 pandemic and the economic contraction it triggered is putting enormous pressures on public finances. The impact is compounded in oil-exporting countries due to a sharp decline in oil prices. The severity of the shock will likely result in a temporary large deterioration in the fiscal accounts and an increase in public debt levels.

The course provides an overview of the fiscal policy tools that governments have used to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on households and firms and their potential implications on macroeconomic stability and sustainable long-term growth.  This hands-on course is built around the core macro-fiscal topics needed to assess the role of fiscal policy in macroeconomic management. The learning units include general empirical findings, Microsoft Excel-based workshops, case studies, and selected topics of regional interest.

Course Date Course Number Sponsor
Nov 2-5, 2020 CE20.112V OECD


Course Description: The course is conducted by a team of OECD and international experts. The first part of the course focuses on SME policy aspects such as criteria for official SME definitions, initiatives to improve the business environment, monitoring and evaluation of policies, SME statistics, etc. The second part is devoted to access to finance, including access to credit and equity finance. The course also includes modules on innovative and high potential enterprises. It combines active discussions, the presentation of experiences from participants and practical exercises.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

·       Gain knowledge on the different elements and institutional set-ups of SME policy;

·       Analyze the importance of improving the regulatory and legal environment for access to finance and discuss specific mechanism to facilitate access to finance;

·       Present the practices and experience of their own institutions and learn from peers; and

·       Expand their professional networks.