Course Schedule 2019

No.Sponsoring AgencyCourse No.Course TitleCourse IDCourse DateDuration (Weeks)LanguageApplicationReading ListApplication Deadline
4IMF (ICD)-AMFCE19.01Financial Sector PoliciesFSPJan 20-312EOAS
6IMF (LEG)CE19.02Public Financial Management Legal FrameworksLFPFMJan 27-311E/AOASApply online by November 18, 2018
7IMF (FAD)CE19.03Tax Policy and Administration: Theory and PracticeTPATJan 27-311E/AOASApply online by November 14, 2018
9IMF (STA)-AMFCE19.04Government Finance StatisticsGFSFeb 3-142AOAS
10IMF (ICD)CE19.05Financial Programming and PoliciesFPPFeb 3-142AOAS
11IMF (STA)CE19.06Quarterly National AccountsQNAFeb 10-212E/AOAS
12IMF (STA)-AMFCE19.07Introductory Course on Monetary and Financial StatisticsMFS-IFeb 17-282E/AOAS
13IMF (ICD)-AMFCE19.08Fiscal Policy AnalysisFPAMar 3-142AOAS
14IMF (ICD)CE19.09Macroeconomic Management in Resource Rich CountriesMRCMar 3-142E/AOAS
15IMF (ICD)CE19.10Financial Development and Financial InclusionFDFIMar 3-142EOAS
16IMF (ICD)-BAMCE19.11Model-Based Monetary Policy Analysis and Forecasting (date to be confirmed)MPAFApr 8-192EOAS
20IMF (ICD)CE19.12Macroeconomic DiagnosticsMDSApr 14-252EOAS
21IMF (ICD)-AMFCE19.13Fiscal FrameworksFFApr 21-May 22E/AOAS
23IMF (FAD)CE19.14Reforming Fuel SubsidiesRFSApr 28-May 21E/AOAS
25IMF (ICD)-AMFCE19.15Financial Sector SurveillanceFSSJune 16-272EOAS
29IMF (ICD)CE19.16Monetary PolicyMPSept 8-192EOAS
30IMF (ICD)CE19.17Fiscal Policy AnalysisFPASept 8-192AOAS
31IMF (STA)-AMFCE19.18International Trade in Goods and Services StatisticsITGSSept 15-191E/AOAS
32IMF (MCM)CE19.19Macro-Stress TestingMSTSept 22-261EOAS
33IMF (LEG)CE19.20Implementing the International AML-CFT StandardsAMLSSept 22-261E/AInvitationBy Invitation
35IMF (STA)-AMFCE19.21Compilation of Balance of Payment StatisticsBPSCGOct 6-101E/AOAS
36IMF (ICD)CE19.22Exchange Rate PolicyERPOct 6-172EOAS
37IMF (ICD)-BAMCE19.23Macroeconometric Forecasting and AnalysisMFAOct 7-182EOAS
39IMF (FAD)CE19.24Strengthening Budget InstitutionsSBIOct 20-241E/AOAS
40IMF (ICD)CE19.25Fiscal SustainabilityFSOct 27-Nov 72E/AOAS
42IMF (FIN)CE19.26Safeguards Assessments of Central BanksSACNov 3-71E/AOAS
44IMF (MCM)CE19.27Current Issues in Banking Supervision and RegulationBRSNov 17-211E/AOAS
45IMF (STA)-AMFCE19.28Financial Soundness IndicatorsFSINov 17-282E/AOAS
47IMF (ICD)CE19.29Inclusive GrowthIGDec 1-122E/AOAS
48IMF (ICD)-AMFCE19.30Vulnerability DiagnosticsVDSDec 8-192EOAS
3IMF (STA)CE19.31Compiling Natural Resources in National Accounts ANRJan 20-241E/AInvitationBy Invitation
28IMF (COM)-WTOCE19.31Parliamentary Workshop for Members of Parliament in the MENA Region PARL-MENASept 3-50.6E/AInvitationBy Invitation
1OECDCE19.100Public and Private Sectors’ Alliances in the Fight against Corruption in MENA and GCC Countries PPSJan 7-100.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
2WBGCE19.101Creating Markets and Unleashing Private Sector Development through CompetitionPSDJan 13-171E/AInvitationBy Invitation
5METACCE19.102National Accounts Compilation Issues, Price and Volume Measures NASJan 21-240.8E/AONSApply link to be provided by METAC
8WTOCE19.103Trade PolicyTP1Feb 3-71E/AInvitationBy Invitation
17METACCE19.104Performance Management in Tax Administration

PMTAApr 1-40.8E/AONSApply link to be provided by METAC
18OECDCE19.105Effective Competitiveness Policies in MENA Countries COMPApr 8-110.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
19WTOCE19.106Trade PolicyTP2Apr 14-181E/AInvitationBy Invitation
22METACCE19.107Implementation of the International Financial Reporting Standard IFRS9Apr 22-250.8E/AONSApply link to be provided by METAC
24WBGCE19.108Emerging Trends in E-Governance and Applications to E-Procurement GOV-PPMApr 28-May 21E/AInvitationBy Invitation
26WBGCE19.109Managing Water Scarcity in MENA: Resource and Demand Management, Sector Financing, and Desalination MWSJune 18-200.6E/AInvitationBy Invitation
27OECDCE19.110Improving Public Procurement Systems: Moving Towards More Strategic and Efficient Use (PPM)PPMJune 24-270.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
34WBGCE19.111Regional Course on Boosting Women’s Access to More and Better Jobs in MENA WEESept 29-Oct 31E/AInvitationBy Invitation
38WBGCE19.112Urban Mobility and its Impact on Economic Growth in MENA UMEGOct 13-171E/AInvitationBy Invitation
41OECDCE19.113Risk Management and Audit in the Public SectorRM-AUDOct 28-310.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
43WTOCE19.114Trade PolicyTP3Nov 11-140.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
46OECDCE19.115Good Practices for SMEs and Access to Finance Policies SMENov 25-280.8E/AInvitationBy Invitation
49METACCE19.116Methods and Tools for Building a Medium-Term Budget BUDDec 16-190.8E/AONSApply link to be provided by METAC